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Hole 1
Straight away par 5 that needs to be played as a 3 shot approach. Use a 3 wood or long iron off the tee to ensure being in fairway. Aim at bunker on left of fairway for second shot. The bunker is 100 yards from center of green so shoot for a 120 yard approach shot to green.

Hole 2
Long par 3 with a 64 yard deep green. Ensure the pin location and add or subtract 18 yards from the middle of the green depending on a front or back pin position. Go long for all pin placements, large landing area on middle to back of green.

Hole 3
Figure yardage short of the left fairway bunker and aim there. From here you have open approach. Green slopes right to left and you do not want to miss the green on the right. Aim for middle of green no matter where pin is.

Hole 4
Risk/Reward par 4 that is a reachable hole with water on both sides and back of green. Aim 10 yards left of flag with 240 yard carry. Safe play is to lay up short of the right fairway bunker and have 110 yard approach. Aim for center of green.

Hole 5
Dog leg right long par four. Don’t cut the corner aim for middle of the left fairway bunker and stay short of it. Approach shot will be around 160 yards over a green side bunker. Go long on approach.

Hole 6
Par 5 that can be reached in two. Tee shot has to be a high fade around the fairway bunker on right. A left shot will go over hill into trouble. Safe shot is short of bunker with long iron then middle iron left and long of 150 marker. This leaves 100 yard approach shot.

Hole 7
Good luck. This is our 12th at Augusta the wind makes absolutely no sense. Play the shot you are comfortable with, a draw or fade will work. Middle of green is raised so you must be on same side as pin.

Hole 8
Must hit fairway to have any chance at this green. Aim left side of green for a backstop and take your chance for birdie with a long putt. Right pin placement is a sucker shot.

Hole 9
Easy par 4 with short tee shot left of 150 marker. Off the tee use a club to go 20 yards past 150 marker and you will have a nine or wedge to the green.

Hole 10
Aim to left side of fairway to have an open view of the green. Aim for middle of green because there is no room right or left of green.

Hole 11
Middle of green will leave a reasonable birdie putt any where on the green.

Hole 12
Wide open tee shot to generous landing area. Second shot over wetland with mid iron will leave short approach to green. Go for the green and you must avoid the water on left. Green is large undulating green where you have to know where the pin is. You could be in wrong zip code on this green with an interesting putt.

Hole 13
Our signature hole is a short Par 3. You know if it’s our signature hole something is special. The green has 3 distinct areas for pin placement. With a wedge or 9 iron, you must be in the right zone. Aim just slightly left or right of center of green and ball will feed both ways for right or left pin placement. AVOID left front bunker.

Hole 14
Slight dog leg right par 4. Staying left of the waste area on right will leave short approach to green. Green angles right to left and crowned in middle so you can not see the back of the green. Aim for middle of green.

Hole 15
Use a club that will get to 150 marker. Trouble left after 150 marker and waste area 20 yards in front of marker. Go for pin wherever it is.

Hole 16
Mid length par 3. Condos block wind on tee but opening over pool area creates a wind tunnel on green. Aim for right middle of green.

Hole 17
Aim right and short of 150 marker. This will keep you out of bunker on right and leave an open approach. Mid to long iron approach to small green that has a ridge running across middle.

Hole 18
Are you warmed up enough to let the big dog out? Dog leg left par 5 that can be reached in 2. Cut the left corner over the wet lands and you’ll be inside 200 yards. Safe shot is long iron or 3 wood short of the fairway bunkers on the right and then a lay up short of the approaching wetlands. A short iron third shot to a fairly generous green.

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